International Exhibition 2012

Internationalizing, training and busines

are the three bets from which Grupo Cosmobelleza takes the basis to create a platform to promote the running of the beauty business engine in Spain. At the same time is the axle and meeting point of exhibitors and professionals coming from all over the world.

Edition after edition globalization of knowledge, products and services is reflected to achieve, all together, the complete professionalization of all the beauty sectors.

It is a day by day work with all the communication media that constitute Grupo Cosmobelleza and it makes possible the required keys to provide the best training to all the professionals who assist to the International Cosmobelleza Exhibition, looking for specific knowledge as well as the last trends to promote and positioning their business.

All the intangible actions that issues Grupo Cosmobelleza with manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers from all over the world as well as the continuity during the year of all the special programs support the role of the distributor and wholesaler in the professional cosmetics market.

The International Cosmobelleza Exhibition, in the 20th edition becomes the perfect business meeting point to get the better training and promote the business of hairdressing, aesthetics and wellness sectors.